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Why the Alpaka app?

The idea to create an application that spreads awareness of the problems associated with the contemporary textile industry and teaches people to think about their consumption, came, as with most great ideas, in the shower. But it didn’t arrive out of thin air. It was preceded by years of self-development. Thanks to my university studies, I was too often at the forefront of how clothes are being produced. I discovered a world full of exploitation, disrespect to human labour, life and the environment. This created a sincere and complete distaste for shopping in traditional fashion chains. I stopped shopping and only wore clothes that I had already bought. And who would tell, I still had enough to wear, in fact, I had more than I needed.


I didn’t know of any sustainable brands at that time, so when I encountered a blind spot in my wardrobe, I would go back to the shopping mall with "clenched teeth". However, I knew that my internal contradiction would not increase the salaries of workers in Bangladesh. I really wanted to change the current clothing production system, but I didn't know where to begin. So, I would at least talk (yammer) with friends about the terrible working conditions, the production costs of a single T-shirt and minimalism in life. And after another loud yammer, one of my friends came up to me and told me that after hearing me out she began to think more about the idea of buying new clothes. 


And then it came to me. Wow, a few innocent words (my words!) can change a person’s behaviour and point of view, wow. But how to accomplish this with the greatest possible impact, as easily as possible and with a focus on the young generation? Hmm, how hard could it be to create an app? (really, really hard!) 


The application functions were modified during the preparation, but one remained – cost per wear (CPW). A number that simply tells you if your purchase made sense. So why buy another pair of trousers when it does not? The huge overproduction of clothes is the main reason why the working conditions are so poor, why our clothing is so flimsy, why it’s toxic and contaminates our environment. And that is precisely what we want to change!


As Vivienne Westwood said - buy less, choose well, make it last.

Steffi Černá

Founder of Alpaka.app, s.r.o.