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Slow fashion

Though it’s 52 seasons a year the fashion industry spews millions and millions of poor-quality clothes at ridiculously low production prices. And we buy these clothes in tons because we think it's normal and that there's nothing wrong with it.

The poor quality of the purchased clothes results in low lifespan and forces us to constantly visit shopping centres and spend our money on new clothes. And if we are not convinced by a crumbling T-shirt to visit the store, then the advertisement announcing the next round of discounts certainly does.

Large fashion brands have convinced us that this system is normal, but they have forgotten to tell us the real price.

Low prices in shops are redeemed by low standards on the quality of workmanship, on the safety of production, on the rights of workers, on the protection of the environment and the standards of the content of toxic substances in textiles.

All the above mentioned is fast fashion. The opposite of this is slow fashion.

Slow fashion is not special clothing that is only sold in small, expensive, hipster stores. But it's the way we think about clothing as a whole. We should be wondering how and where our clothes were made, what they were made of, how long they last for if they fit in our wardrobe, and if they fit us. A philosophy of shopping wisely and buying only those pieces that we will truly love. If we learn to think like this, we can really make a change.


Because as consumers we have the power to choose what we invest our money in. Let us stop thinking that we are powerless in this system and put pressure on large corporations to behave responsibly to us, to our planet and our employees! Thanks to slow fashion we can do it without lowering our standards!

Here are some tips on where to find information about fast/slow fashion: